Success! Stage 32 Screenwriter Gets His Script Into Development with Ramo Law!

stage32logo_dark2We’ve had some incredible success stories lately here on Stage 32. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be shining a light on those 32’ers who have found success either through networking on the platform, through our Jobs section or through pitching with the Stage 32 Happy Writers.

Today, we congratulate screenwriter Joe Downey! Joe contacted Erik at the Stage 32 Happy Writers with information regarding a screenplay he was looking to pitch. Joe was looking for suggestions on an executive Erik felt might be a fit for his material. Erik suggested Joe pitch the material to Tiffany Boyle of Ramo Law. Tiffany loved the script, met with Joe and decided to take the project on.

Tiffany sent the script to an award-winning producer who immediately signed on. The producer attached an up and coming indie director and brought in one of the “Alphabet Agencies” to cast the film. Currently, there are multiple A-List acting attachments and offers out to more. The hope is to be in pre-production by year’s end. We will, of course, provide more details and updates as they become available!

It is also worth noting that Joe lives and did his initial pitch from Pittsburgh, proving once again that geography means nothing, and story means everything.

To hear Joe tell the tale in his own words, please watch the video below!

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