Production Legal

Film (Scripted/Documentary), Television (Unscripted/Scripted) and Digital Content

RAMO’s production legal services shall include the following (provided at an hourly rate or percentage of budget):

Production Contracts:

  • Provide and negotiate agreements for production/post-production (location agreements, day player agreements, personal release agreements, crew agreements and any other non-union template agreements, etc.)
  • Draft, negotiate and finalize contracts for above the line talent and above the line crew (producers, director, casting director, executive producers or producer’s representative)
  • Draft, negotiate and finalize performer contracts for performers (each performer agreement may include negotiating and finalizing the escrow agreement, long form performer agreement, short-form certificate of engagement)
  • Provide Client with music license templates and negotiate and finalize music licenses.
  • Draft and negotiate composer contract for original score

Chain of Title:

  • Review, draft, negotiate and finalize chain of title contracts (drafting, negotiating and finalizing) for acquiring rights and hiring writers
  • Register screenplay and film with the U.S. Copyright Office


  • Provide 1 clearance report on the screenplay. Provide clearance analysis of alternative names, locations, logos or other items identified as not clear for use in the clearance report
  • Provide a clearance form to obtain company/product clearances
  • Review/comment on product clearance agreements and product placement agreements
  • Film clearance report (if needed) can be provided
  • Legal Opinion letters, in connection with title reports, copyright reports and/or chain of title


  • Advise client in filing paperwork for the applicable union signatory (including advice in union compliance)

Legal Advice:

  • During preproduction and principal photography, RAMO will be available to provide legal advice and/or research on any matters Client may have regarding the Project including, but not limited to, insurance claims and matters, city licenses and permits

Post Production:

  • Review and assist Client in securing an E&O insurance policy, including all contracts and documentation necessary in connection with the E&O application
  • Provide credit statement of contracts on file, which shall include paid ad obligations, name and likeness approval and restrictions
  • Review and comment on first draft of main/end titles and billing block.
  • Provide/review profit participation statement to Client
  • Provide Client with 1 hard copy OR 1 electronic copy of delivery documents
  • Post-production agreements (including, without limitation, for post house)
  • Obtaining approvals and/or waivers from unions, crew, cast or other above-the-line personnel, including, without limitation, still approvals, key art approvals, credit waivers, etc.