Packaging & Sales Services

  • Provide coverage for scripts from both global commercial & storyline perspectives
  • Submit film, TV, reality projects to sell or package
  • Submit projects for foreign and domestic representatives
  • Prepare analyses of foreign and domestic reports
  • Manage delivery of a film
  • Prepare foreign sales estimates
  • Plan/set meetings for markets (Berlin, Hong Kong Filmart, Cannes, Toronto, etc.)
  • Attend/take meetings at above markets for clients
  • Consult for and prepare a business plan


Tiffany Boyle has been instrumental on several of our projects be it from financing to sales advice and everything in between. Her uncanny knowledge of the market and the international film industry have proven incredibly valuable time and time again. She is a true asset and a wonderful collaborator, a terrific human being and we cannot recommend her highly enough.

Pavlina Hatoupis, Producer

We are a New York-based production company focused on developing and producing feature and documentary films. Since our inception in 2008, we are continuously seeking other companies and individuals to collaborate with. Tiffany has been instrumental in connecting us with like-minded people both in LA and at festivals, and has helped us build many meaningful relationships within the industry, ones we might not have been able to forge on our own. As advisors, she and Elsa provide insightful and constructive notes on all our projects, both current and prospective, helping us to approach them from both a creative and business perspective. In addition to assisting us with countless contracts, Ramo Law has provided excellent and efficient production legal on several of our films. We feel fortunate to have them as ambassadors to the film community.

Stefan Nowicki, of Sundial Pictures, Producer