‘Lemon’: Magnolia Pictures Picks Up Janicza Bravo’s Sundance Breakout Ahead of SXSW Screenings

indiewire logo HORIZ“Lemon”

Ahead of its screenings at this week’s SXSW Film Festival, Magnolia Pictures has acquired North American rights to “Lemon,” the feature directorial debut of Janicza Bravo. Bravo also co-wrote the screenplay with actor Brett Gelman (Gelman also stars in the film and is Bravo’s husband). The film bowed back in January at the Sundance Film Festival and then went on to screen at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Per the film’s official synopsis, it “follows Isaac Lachman (Gelman), a 40-year-old man immobilized by the mediocrity in his life. His career is going nowhere, his girlfriend of ten years (Greer) is leaving him and his family is overbearing. Isaac once had big dreams, but now just watches his life unravel.”

“Lemon” also stars Judy Greer, Michael Cera and Nia Long. Shiri Appleby, Fred Melamed, Jon Daly, Rhea Perlman, David Paymer, Gillian Jacobs, Martin Starr and Marla Gibbs round out the cast.

Bravo first hit the indie scene with her short “Gregory Go Boom,” which won the Short Film Jury Award for Fiction at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, and “Lemon” further speaks to her unique and very special comedy chops.

Magnolia plans to release the film later this year.

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